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Dark Night of the Soul - Saint John of the Cross
I recommend this for readers seeking a closer relationship for God and for those seeking understanding about spiritually dry and difficult times in their lives. No other book I have read offers such a deep description of times when God seems distant and his blessings amiss.
It offers the reader a different view of spirituality than the modern books, because like few men or women before him or since, St. John of the Cross shunned the pleasures of the world to gain the fullness of God's presence.
St. John of the Cross is truly a superb Saint and Mystic. Through his writings You can see how your own spiritual journey may not always be easy. If you are looking for a book that will not only inform you of the dark night, but also give you a self evaluation of your own life, then this is the book for you. In parts it may seem that St. John is peering into your soul and speaking directly to you. The wonderful thing about this book is that no one will have the same experence of it. Everyone who reads it will read it in light of where they are in their own lives. the reflection and thoughts of this Holy man will force you to look inside yourself to find what you need to do to reach the Ultimate union with God. St John of the Cross...
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October 28 2015