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*Even the stars play it on TV*
*No commercials, nothing to buy, you don't even need internet access! Simple and easy makes for the most fun!*

[How to Play]First choose a deck of cards,then hold the phone for your friends (Don't look yourself!);let your friends act, draw, or make sounds ...(any way is ok!)to hint at the thing on your phone screen. See how many you can guess before time runs out

[Probably the world's easiest game to play]You can hold the screen to your forehead and nod when your guess is correct or tilt your head back to skip!

[This game is for]
1、Friends who like to party together
2、Families who wish to spend some quality time together at home
3、Parents who love to entertain children
So, this game is great for people of any age, at any place. Make any time be party time!

[So many different cards]
Put on your thinking caps and get those jiuces flowing, for there will be new card updates every day!
1、Word Cards:The hottest topics!The most popular things!
2、Picture Cards:Family cards all come with a picture. Children can learn as they play, and the fun never ends!
3、Song Cards:Feel like a music star. These cards are for you to sing out loud!

Attention:This game may cause loud laughter,cause people to forget their troubles,and be may even be addictive!
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