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THE CAT MAG IS THE FIRST MAGAZINE ENTIRELY WRITTEN BY CATS FOR CATS AND CAT LOVERS! Cats from around the world have joined together to create an astounding magazine Frank L. Whiting, (a Maine Coon) is the founder, publisher, editor, and art director. He says, “For too long we have given humans the best years of our lives and what have they done for us? (Besides feeding us, brushing us, and paying our vet bills) But that’s it! (OK they also give us shelter, and clean our litter boxes) But that doesn’t mean they have the right to speak for us! For too long humans have felt they were capable of telling our stories, explaining our needs, understanding our thoughts and describing our behaviours. But, they have never lived our lives! We can no longer just be lap cats for humans! We must take our lives into our own paws! Tell our own stories, and take charge of our culture.” To that end, he created The Cat Mag. In describing The Cat Mag Frank said, “It provides an opportunity for cats from around the world to write, report and reflect our lives and culture, free from the bias, control and influence of human writers. It’s no coincidence that many of the greatest writers of the twentieth century were cat lovers – Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, Hunter S. Thomson, Doris Lessing, Raymond Chandler, and so many more. One has to ask, how much of their talent was their own? And how much was actually their cat’s? Contributors to The Cat Mag include - Cisco & Herbert (Movie & Video Reviews), Olivia Ashley-Cooper (Product Reviews), The Divine Mr. D (Horoscopes), Queen Nefertiti (Women’s Issues), Ryan Seacat (Music & Entertainment) and much more. The Cat Mag is published four times per year. If you are a cat, or a cat lover then you must signup now for your FREE subscription!
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October 31 2017
February 14 2017
February 09 2017