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With over a century of award-winning journalism, enjoy a new way to read Real-Time Business and Finance News -- From The Wall Street Journal.

The What’s News app provides all the breaking stories, business and finance alerts, live markets data and world news updates. Inspired by our famous front-page digest, you get the 10 most important business and markets stories delivered to your phone straight from the WSJ newsroom. Broaden and enhance your awareness of today’s news reports with expert commentary and high quality visual journalism in the quick and simple experience that the What’s News app can offer. Now you can also follow the latest global and U.S. news, politics and economic topics that are most important to you.

From Business to Markets, Opinion to Politics, if it’s worth knowing, it’s in What’s News.

You get maximum news in minimum time with articles updated frequently throughout the day, all written by a dedicated team of journalists focused on making live business and finance news. Never be out of touch with real-time reports on Financial, Economic and Stock Market News, continually refreshed to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening around the world. Increase your national and international awareness, be entertained, be educated and be informed fast with What’s News.

With the What's News app, you can:
- See the most important headlines at a glance and read the top stories from around the world.
- Scroll through a curated live newsfeed, carefully updated by a dedicated team of WSJ editors.
- Follow the latest news, finance, politics and economic topics that are most important to you.
- Maximize your knowledge, dive deeper into the story and read related articles on
- Share your favorite stories with friends, family and colleagues on email or social media.
- Receive a real-time view of the major financial markets in the Markets Center.

Inspired by WSJ's front-page digest, What's News gives you the latest top business, economic, politics and markets stories you need to know at anytime of the day, wherever you are. Offering trusted insights and reports into the first 100 days of President Trump and beyond. What’s News brings you instant national and international briefings from the WSJ newsroom direct to your phone.

Scroll easily through the newsfeed for quick updates or select a headline for the stats, facts and analysis. With a single tap, you can read the full article at Make the most of your time, share your favorite stories and follow the updates on headlines you want to keep track of throughout the day. Learn what you need to know quickly. Real-time views on What’s News make it easier for you to make time for business insights, live markets data from all the major stock exchanges such as the NYSE, NASDAQ and LSEG plus the latest U.S. and world news reports.

Download the app today and stay ambitious, wherever you are, with What’s News.

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