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World's First & Only Award listing magazine for High Fashion Pets.

Each edition features 10 pets under various award categories and unique stories behind behind these adorable & exquisite animals. Extensive interview features and high fashion shoots makes each edition a treat to read and cherish for a long time.

Each award is strictly by nomination only by some of the top veterinary doctors, best in class breeders & top groomers thus making PAGE1 India Pet Lists the most coveted listing in it's categories across India.The Limited Edition Awards enable a platform for the very best of pets to be showcased in PAGE1 platform and we hope PAGE1 awards will become a benchmark in pet standards in the days to come.

PAGE1 will launch 10 editions of India Pet Lists with awards to select 100 pets across India.

PAGE1 Pet Award Categories:

High Fashion Grandeur - Award listing for majestic breeds like German Shepherd , New Found Land , St Bernard etc

High Fashion Fitness - Award listing for muscular and supremely fit breeds like Doberman, Great dane, French Mastiff etc

High Fashion Sublime - Award listing for the most beautiful dog breeds and cats.

High Fashion Toddler - Award listing for pets under 6 months.

High Fashion Veteran - Award listing for pets over 7 years of age.
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June 22 2016