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ABOUT the Game
“Kungfu Frontier” is the game perfectly combines card game with RPG Strategy game element, players can have great fun in the fantastic equipment development system, unique swordsman shard collection and the sapiential fighting strategy. If you are a Swordsman Lover attracted by the Kung Fu world , this game is exactly what you want. This game is cute as well as romantic with its exquisite game pictures and cartoon-like swordsman design. Six amazing battle special effects create an intense battle scene. Join in the game and enjoy yourself in the ancient world mixed with love and hatred!
Major Features
【Themes】Cards with hundreds of kawaii pets + RPG Mobile Game.
【Battles 】Freely choose distinctive warriors ; Challenge different Copy; strengthen equips; wear exclusive pets; intense PVP.
【For You 】Wuxia lovers; Players who are looking for the real leisure and happy Games.
【Plays 】Creative slice-touching battle experience; Unique Ming-house Warriors, who’s the strongest one? Aggressive character images + rare light effects, creates your own Jianghu!
【 Focus 】An amazing RPG mobile game with cards integrating all kind of warriors from various of famous Wuxia novels.
【 Pictures 】Vertical version, 2D; Kawaii characters, PVP6 !
【Operation】Easy handle, leisure play, Shocking VS
【System 】 Warrior selection &Formations; Equips level up; Pets matching; Twitter& PK;
Core Plays
【Roles 】First Selection provides a steady basis for further development.
【Levels】Levels of the character decides the limits of the Copy, system opens and the equips level up.
【Property】Developing and raising the qualification of the warriors can largely upgrade the powers and change the looks of the warriors
【Copper Coins 】The basic currency in game, can be achieved via game missions and are available in different systems
【Food】The major staff for warriors to level up, can be achieved via The Brave Trove.
【Values】 The exclusive accessories for exclusive warriors, can largely raise the power of the warriors
【Alchemy】Use the warrior pieces to alchemize the better quality of warriors, make you become more powerful.
【Leagues】The leagues provide you a place to know more friends, learn more powerful skills, add more battle elements .
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