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Powered by VivaVideo Team, KamStar has its unique way to make your own lively lip sync musical video or dubbing movie clips from your favorite songs or TV shows with magical real-time visual effects. Different from, Dubsmash, Funimate, Flipagram, Snapchat or Triller, KamStar owns some of the best effects and fun filters, which can help you get more followers & likes in your video community.

Only 3 steps to make your lip sync musical video

1. Select your favorite sound / musical pieces on KamStar
2. Record lip sync video with KamStar’s coolest visual effects and filters.
3. Share your KamStar Video on, Snapchat, Funimate, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, VivaVideo.....

Highlight Features:

Music list
KamStar owns some of the hottest top-chart songs, you can also record and upload your own musical, voice tracks and sound to remix your original music video, or dub TV shows, drama, jokes and humors to create hilarious conversations.

Face Stickers
Change your face with different face stickers and special effects in real time and have fun with your friends.

Real-time music video & musical dub movie editing
Edit your musical video with creative musical effects, such as slow motion, time lapse and epic speed. If you are tired of, Dubsmash, Snapchat and Triller, try KamStar’s Hollywood visual effects and filters.

Custom-designed visual effects for musical videos & lip sync musical video
Comparing with, Dubsmash and Triller, KamStar has the coolest top-class real-time visual effects you’ve ever seen, it also customizes full-size portrait musical video for Instagram.

Fast and easy sharing and uploading
You can upload your videos to your phone gallery, or share your musical video & lip sync musical movies to your won social network and having fun with your friends and family!

Contact us at to help us improve KamStar.
Your feedback is welcomed and highly appreciated.
Like KamStar on Facebook:
Instagram: @kamstarapp
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