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Night Sky™ comes to Apple TV!

The popular Night Sky™ stargazing app from iOS makes its debut on the big screen! Explore the sky in the most relaxing environment, whilst interacting with beautiful 3D models of the Solar System. Night Sky™ on Apple TV makes full use of a large display, with hundreds of detailed articles with full screen high resolution images of our universe. Get up to date celestial information on the Latest News section direct from our Night Sky™ editors, and even check out the best time to head outside with Stargazing Conditions.

Night Sky™ on Apple TV is the perfect way to explore the sky above in a comfortable environment whilst sharing it with family and friends. It's a great educational tool for all ages, all set to a mesmerizing soundtrack!

Night Sky™ on Apple TV Feature Set:

- Sky View - Explore the Night Sky™ View like never before on the big screen. In Sky View you can interact with the current state of the Night Sky™ above you. Here you can see where planets, stars, constellations, and even satellites are in real time! If you want more information on an object just click it with your remote!

- Solar System - See beautiful interactive models of all the planets in our Solar System. We've even included the Moon for you to explore. Double tap any planet for detailed images and information on that object.

- Stargazing Conditions - Get a heads up to the Stargazing Conditions outside for the upcoming week. Here you'll find detailed information on all the important conditions such as cloud cover, temperature, Sun & Moon rise and set times, Visibility and much more. There's even a Stargazing Conditions time graph so you instantly know the best time to go outside.

- Latest News - Get all the Latest News about the sky above direct from our very own Night Sky™ editors! Never miss an upcoming event, and learn fascinating facts about current and future events above.

- Sky Information - Get all the information on any object in the Night Sky™ you could ever need with Sky Information. Search for planets, stars, constellations and even satellites to view detailed data and beautiful images of the object.

Night Sky™ on Apple TV - Wonder no more™...
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