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Ravenmarch is a Free MMO Strategy Game for mobile. It's a fantasy game set in a medieval flavored fictional world where players become city builders and military commanders. This game has a 24 hours Nation Wars system, which allows players extending territory at anytime.

--Story Mode & Hero system--
Level-up and unlock story mode, Heroes and Technology systems will be unlocked through out the story mode
--Positions System--
Fight your own way to become the king or inside your region. The higher position one is, more powers and responsibilities lie on him.
--Resource Acquiring--
Resources are available through Nation Wars, cross-server battle, solo battle and other events. Raiding for more resources to gain more power for your troops!
--Nation Wars System--
24Hours non-stop PVP system and region missions allow players to fulfill the needs of conquer enemies through solo or through team efforts.
------Game Highlights------
Defeat legendary heroes with special abilities, and recruit them to lead your armies.
24 hours Nation Wars system!
Repel enemy invaders from the walls of your Kingdom!
Complete story quests, recover ancient relics of power, and crush your foes!
Work together with other members of your nation to seize control during Nation Wars!
Craft weapons with extraordinary abilities, then use them to give your generals greater power!


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