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"In order to help you navigate uncertain markets and maximize risk-adjusted returns for your clients, Wolfe Research, one of Wall Street’s most respected research boutiques, is pleased to present the Wolfe Macro Edge product suite.

Our Institutional Investor ranked investment strategists have built a reputation for providing forward-looking, objective and unbiased investment recommendations with respect to asset allocation, global equity markets, sector rotation, and key investment themes. In addition, our macro team produces proprietary research on dividend investing, capital allocation and earnings quality, with a focus on producing screens to identify stocks that are most likely to outperform in the current environment.

Product Suite

The Wolfe Research Macro Edge product suite consists of four key components:

• Weekly Portfolio Strategy Report (Monday Morning): Our weekly research reports are typically 12 to 15 pages, and drill down into the key aspects of our market outlook and/or investment recommendations. We also produce a 50+ page year-ahead market outlook every December, and quarterly reports on dividend investing and cash deployment.

• Weekly 5-Minute Audio Update (Tuesday Morning): Every Tuesday morning, you can look forward to a brief audio update summarizing key takeaways from our weekly strategy report, important upcoming events, and insights in recent market events.

• Chart of the Day (Tuesday – Friday, Midday): Our Charts of the Day provide quick insights into key points from our market outlook, investment recommendations, recent economic releases, or important market events.

• Proprietary Stock Screens (Monthly): Once a month, we will provide you with three proprietary stocks screens that identify stock ideas meeting our key investment themes."
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