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"Elf Summoner" is the game perfectly combines card game with RPG Strategy game.
***Game Background***
There is a devil trying to destroy this world! Summoners with powerful form a team to fight against it!
***Game Features***
Made by super animation fans, this game will show you a wonderful game experience. The fancy pictures, cute characters, a brand new Capturing
System and Instance Exploring System are await. Are you ready to start your new adventure with those cute monsters?
***Featured Systems***
1. Famous Japanese CV. joined
With their beautiful voice, Japanese CV. bring those elves to life in this game.
2. 3 levels of elf evolution
The cute elves are no more pets, but the powerful warriors. More than 200 monsters to capture and build up the most powerful team that belongs
to you.
3. New exploring system
Differ from the traditional instance mode! Dungeons and more than 100 active events surprise you at any moment. Explore them for great
4. Magic skills
Evolve your monsters for more powerful magic skills. Hold your fire and cast it on the right time to make biggest damage. Show us a epic battle!
5. Legendary elves
Want to get a legendary elf? Only appear randomly in game, they are mysterious but also charming . Rush up and catch them.
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