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60% OFF for a limited time!

The bestselling 365 CATS Page-A-Day® Calendar—the most popular calendar of all time—is now available as an app! Start using it right away—December 2016 is included.

For over 30 years, 365 CATS has given millions of cat lovers their daily fix. A pure white cat with one blue eye and one green. A multihued litter of kittens piled up in a bean bag chair. A black-and-white fellow glammed up for Mardi Gras. Plus a sweet Siamese cuddling with a squirrel (really!), a tropical cat posing in a palm tree, and an exotic spotted Savannah.

Accompanying the photographs are health and care tips, behavior information (Did you know that when a cat blinks or looks away, it is a sign of affection?), and quotes: “What greater gift than the love of a cat?”—Charles Dickens.

Now with this calendar app you can start each day with your very own Page-A-Day cat notification, then share it with friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, and more! And you can:

- Experience 365 days of photos and accompanying messages
- Browse through the entire calendar by swiping
- Access any date with a few touches
- Zoom photographs and text
- Share calendar pages with friends and family
- Save images to Photos and make them your wallpaper
- Shop for the companion Page-A-Day print calendar, and many others
- LIKE your favorite calendar pages.

An official Page-A-Day calendar licensed app.
PAGE-A-DAY and the PAGE-A-DAY design/logo are registered trademarks of Workman Publishing Co., Inc.
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January 11 2017
December 17 2016