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Finally replace your paper to do list! Stay on top of every task and project that you need to do…
Without losing the simplicity of a paper to do list.

DailyBalance is a simple app that can help you get organized and feel in control each day. Stop overtaxing your brain trying to remember everything. No more feeling anxious about what you’re forgetting. Stop spreading tasks and projects across lists, sticky notes, calendars, emails, etc.

How does it work?

DailyBalance joins a Master list with a day planner in one simple app. The Master List is where you track everything that you need and want to get done. All of your tasks & projects for both home & work. The Day Planner is a simple to-do list for what you need to get done TODAY.

The Master List and Day Planner work together
Simply drag anything that you want to work on today from the Master List to the Day Planner. Check off tasks as you do them in the Day Planner. These changes (and any others) are also saved to the Master List.

Clear the Day Planner at the start of a new day! Your Master List remains the same.

DailyBalance automatically keeps all of your devices in sync. Never be without your list. Capture new ideas and tasks when they pop up, no matter where you are.

Stop feeling overwhelmed! Create a daily routine that will keep you feeling in control. With everything in your Master List, you can be confident nothing is getting overlooked when deciding what is important for today. Rather than continuing with yesterday’s messy to-do list, the Day Planner will help you re-think what is important when planning a new day.

Manage your day the way that works for your life.

The Day Planner’s sections are a customizable way to break up your day into a sensible plan. Create your own or choose from popular time management strategies like Time Box, Focus Blocks, Eat the Frog or others. Or create your own way of managing your day.

Set reminders to notify you at a certain time so you don't forget to do a task.

Works as a companion with a version on your computer so that you always have all of your to-dos in sync and with you at all times.

Information on Subscriptions
This app offers a monthly subscription to DailyBalance. Your iTunes account will be charged when you purchase and again on a monthly basis unless you cancel. You can disable auto renew or cancel your subscription through iTunes.

For more info see our terms and conditions here:
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