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[No Equipment or Runes]
Chaos Arena doesn’t have items that affect your hero’s stats. Success in battle depends completely on players’skill and cooperation. Instead of relying on equipment, you can gradually upgrade your hero’s abilities to be more effective. You won’t have to worry about unskilled teammates feeding enemies equipment, tanks being stuck with DPS equipment, or wasting time saving up currency to buy runes!

[No defensive towers – Constant Exciting Combat]
Chaos Arena doesn’t have creeps or defensive towers. As soon as you are matched with your opponents, the fast-paced PVP action begins. Spawn times are shorter so you can get quickly get back to the action. Chaos Arena combines elements of TPS and MOBA games to make for a unique, thrilling experience.

[3D Maps Allow for more tactical possibilities]
Chaos Arena has full 3-D maps, allowing players to hide behind objects and launch ambushes. Use springboards to launch into the air for mid-air kills, or hide in the shadows to attack unsuspecting enemies. The possibilities are endless. Battlefields include a high-tech laboratory, ruins of an alien civilization, making for a futuristic gaming experience.

[Intelligent Team Formation]
Players in team battles can communicate in real-time via voice chat. You’ll be matched with players at your skill level, so you won’t have to worry about teammates holding you back. Heroes aren’t divided into DPS, Support, and Tank classes like traditional MOBAs. No matter what hero you’re playing, there is always the possibility to deal massive damage and get penta-kills.

[Survival, Deathmatch, and Team Battle Modes]
In survival mode, the safe zone is constantly shrinking, and dying eliminates you from the round. Players must rely on skill and strategy to attain energy crystals. Attack enemies while avoiding the “Yellowbirds” that lurk in the shadows. Will you be the last one standing?

[Tons of Unique Hero Skins]
With so many skins choose from, you’ll be able change the appearance of heroes anyway you like!
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