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As the full opening of Mexico’s electricity market materializes in the wake of 2013’s Energy Reform, private players are vying for position in the generation and distribution sectors, taking advantage of a new and improved operational framework, while a streamlined CFE is poised to remain a leading force in the country’s power sector for years to come. New entrants are asserting their roles as electricity producers and the demand for clean energy sources such as solar, wind and natural gas-powered technologies will put their plans to the test. The new legal frameworks will enable a wider participation of other technologies in the country’s energy mix, such as geothermal energy. New regulatory bodies will ensure that companies are successfully integrated into the country’s energy matrix and the launch of the wholesale electricity market will officially open a new avenue for energy trading and availability that many players eagerly expect. The future will be marked by the government’s commitment to improve Mexico’s competitiveness as an industrial hub, while an increasing number of companies redefine their business strategies to capitalize on the transformation of the Mexican energy market. With all the opportunities that are materializing, 2017 will set the direction the Mexican energy sector will take for the next five years. In this context, Mexico Energy Review 2017 is an essential read for stakeholders in both the public and private sectors who seek to understand the trends that are shaping the energy industry in Mexico.
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October 31 2017