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Take on players from around the world and win their coins in 1v1 quizzes!

Trivia Clash is a head-to-head trivia game in which you take on challengers from across the globe. Win chests, earn rewards and play your way through the ranks!

Go from Beginner to Legendary and play dozens of quiz categories containing thousands of unique quizzes - all created by the community!

Trivia Clash content is user-generated, so you’ll find an incredible range of content with more being added on a daily basis - never run out of questions to test your trivia-hungry brain!

Trivia Clash Features:

• Play head-to-head trivia battles using thousands of user-generated quizzes!

• All in-game questions created by the ever-growing community!

• Win games, earn chests and unlock rewards including new coins, gems and stickers for your in-game creations!

• Four different quiz types: multi-choice, hangman, tap the pic and hidden object!

• Progress through the Trivia Clash tables and work your way up to Legendary!

• For those with a creative spark - design and publish your own quizzes to the Trivia Clash community!

Download Trivia Clash today!
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