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Whether you’re trying to fall asleep, soothe your baby, focus on work, study or meditate Relaxing Sounds for Me has you covered.

Relaxing sounds are perfect to:
· Fall asleep and sleep better at night
· Rest your mind after a long day
· Cut off unwanted noises (household and neighborhood noises, snoring)
· Focus at work and boost your creativity by blocking distractions
· Disconnect when you need a quick power nap
· Create a relaxed environment when traveling on a plane
· Wind down from a busy day in an unfamiliar place
· Sleep better on the road and when you’re staying in a hotel
· Soothe baby, put the baby to bed or down for a nap

Lose yourself in beautiful sounds of nature with the app that wraps you in a blanket of peaceful sounds and features:

- Dive into the world of high-quality sounds of nature (Ocean, Rainfall, Camp Fire, Cat Purring, White Noise and more)
- Check various sound categories to fit every taste (Animals, Nature, Musical instruments and much more)
- Listen to pre-made playlists carefully crafted by our editors
- Mix sounds you like to create unique soundscapes
- Adjust the volume of each sound to find the right balance
- Create and customize your own playlists to clear your mind, gain clarity and kick anxiety to the curb
- Never get bored with our library that is regularly updated with new sounds
- Enjoy beautiful backgrounds matching the sounds that will help you find your center
- Use full-screen digital clock. Pick the clock color you like most for nightstand mode: white, blue, green, red or yellow
- Get current weather conditions and temperature

Unwind and relax. Get the perfect escape with Relaxing Sounds for Me.

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