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There's a problem! The animals' home has been contaminated! Can you make it clean again? Wear the Superman suit and be a hero who protects the environment! Cut the dead branches and pick up garbage in the park. Catch rats who throw away garbage! Not all waste is useless! Collect garbage while going on a treasure hunt with Kiki! Make paper out of the garbage!

Fun, exciting games about protecting the environment:
1. Aaah, the water is full of germs! Turn on the water purifier to remove the germs!
2. Oh, no! The lake is full of garbage! Get in a boat and collect all the garbage!
3. Snip-snap! Be a gardener and make your garden beautiful!
4. Click the fruit peels and paper on the ground and put them in the trash can. You can make the park clean!
5. What kind of treasures are hidden on the beautiful sandy beach? A naughty starfish, a beautiful glass bottle or something mysterious? Go find treasures on the beach!
6. There's garbage on the beach too! Collect it all and put it in the trash can!
7. Did you know that abandoned bamboo, rice straw and tree branches can be recycled and made into paper? Move your finger to make some paper!
8. The environmental protection theater is open! Go watch a movie with Kiki!

1. Enhance your child's awareness of the environment through games!
2. Be a superhero and have a blast protecting the environment!
3. Expand your child's knowledge of the environment through songs and stories!
4. Easy to use, specifically tailored for young children!
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April 03 2018