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Past Life Healing Meditations

Your Soul has quite a story to tell. Sometimes the patterns in your life that won’t heal, despite your best efforts, are actually your Soul trying to get your attention. You are being told that there is a story from your past that you have to complete before healing can occur.

Past life healing has many benefits. It can help release mysterious emotional suffering and psychological problems that will not seem to fully heal when approached through the lens of this current lifetime only. Other benefits include the awakening of past life talents and abilities that can benefit you in this lifetime as well, which are often soul talents in particular such as healing ability.

This app has been created so that you can use it again and again, whenever required and have a different experience each time. This Alana Fairchild app includes an introductory talk with a little guidance about past lives and how this app works and then a longer past life healing meditation.

The energy in this app is unconditionally loving and will hold you safe as you travel back in time to unravel some of the mysteries in your own life, and bring more of your true Divine Self to your present life, where it can blossom and play.


-Over 70 minutes of audio content in two tracks:

- Introduction to Past Life Healing
- Past life Healing Meditation

-Daily reminder notifications

-Sleep timer

BeautyEverywhere and Blue Angel Publishing
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June 21 2019