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Join Chef Emma as she follows her dream of starting a new food truck business in this free-to-download linking puzzle game!

Serve up tasty dishes to hungry customers by linking 3 or more of their favorite menu items. Put your food serving skills to the test by finding the most efficient ways to feed customers while clearing the puzzle board. Complete hundreds of deliciously fun levels to earn tips and invest it back into the food truck business! Travel to new exotic locales and meet a cast of colorful characters in this culinary adventure!

Game Features:

Linking Puzzle Play – Feed hungry customers by connecting delicious food orders over HUNDREDS of challenging levels, each with unique puzzle gameplay.

Define Your Style – Choose from a variety of decorative options to define the look of your growing food truck business and personalize your own dining areas.

Keep Customers Happy – Serve your orders quickly to keep your growing line of customers satisfied and earn maximum rewards!

Unleash Powerful Boosters – Connect longer food chain combinations to unlock explosive sauces, or bring in your kitchen utensils to get the job done faster!

Join Emma on her Journey – Follow Emma as she sets up shop, meets new friends, and climbs to the top of the culinary food truck world!

Cook up your inner foodie and become a global culinary sensation today!
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July 29 2019