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Finding the right words can be a little... Tricky. So don't panic like Fresh, or get annoyed like Yutani. Simply stay cool like Jake and add a little flair to your iMessages - run wild with emotion!

• FREE to use
• SEND dynamic and animated stickers in chat
• PLACE stickers anywhere on your iMessages
• ROTATE, SCALE, and LAYER stickers

Stick the Subway Surfers Animated Stickers anywhere in your chat. You can rotate, scale, layer and place them on any photo or message. No matter what, you’ll always keep it fresh with your favorite characters from Subway Surfers.

The sticker pack includes:

• Yutani - Thumbs up
• Jake - Cool
• Yutani - Sad
• Jake - Sorry
• Tricky - Love
• Yutani - Peace
• Fresh - Panic
• Fresh - Sleepy
• Yutani - Annoyed
• Fresh - Wink
• Jake - Idea
• Tricky - Excited
• Tricky - Saint
• Fresh - Angry
• Tricky - Scared
• Jake - Laugh

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June 30 2019