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Steer your ship, manage your crew, assemble and upgrade your troops, fight other captains and the representatives of unusual alien races. Take part in the universal battle royale and defeat everyone before the endless void collapses into a singularity.

- A story campaign with colorful characters and the player in the leading role as starship captain. Hundreds of missions where you will have to defeat human-like, beetle-like, jelly-like, and simply ugly representatives of organic and synthetic life. Train your boarding crew, land on planets, asteroids and other ships, defeat everyone, including dangerous bosses.

- Ship development. You are the captain of a starship. Your starship is your fortress, transport, and simply, home. It produces energy, extracts minerals, the crew is quartered within, training, and just living inside it. Your task is to develop your ship, build modules and bays, upgrade them, and populate them with useful new characters. And if it feels crowded, then change your old bucket for a cool new starship with more guns, space for modules, and special upgrades.

- Clone team. You have under your command a select team of officers who manage various departments: a first mate, a mechanic, a boarding crew chief, etc. And all the hard work of everyday life is carried out by numerous clones that produce energy, extract minerals, and fight against your enemies. Grow clones, implant them with new abilities, upgrade them, and assign them to the most suitable areas of work: building, exploring, mining, or fighting.

- Universe exploration. The universe is huge. It contains a boundless multitude of wonders and oddities. And they should surely be explored. Your starship will constantly meet black holes, abandoned stations, battles with star pirates, and other interesting and profitable encounters. All you need to do is to direct your ship in the right direction.

- Multiplayer. The whole universe is your battlefield. Not only you, but millions of similarly foolhardy captains are moving to their ultimate goal. Take advantage! Join a clan with your friends and receive all advantages from that alliance, from resource exchange to cooperative raids and battles with mega bosses that are simply impossible to deal with alone! Attack other ships, defeat their crews, and take the accumulated resources. Level up, attack, loot, repeat!
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