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Hot Stories
【Mr. Walton, Please Control Your Love】
She had never expected that she would slept with her deadly enemy, but it turned out to be a good match for both of them. While after marriage, his indifference finally angered her. “You damn bastard!”

【Rich Mommy‘s Talented Sons】
A one night stand made her give birth to triplets. While the man who was wrongly regarded as a gigolo was actually a golden bachelor ranking No.1 in the world. Normally, they would have missed each other. Five years later, however, three little talents appeared. They fought with their CEO daddy for the lost happiness of their mom.

【CEO’s Secret Lover】
He was an extremely wealthy and mysterious financial backer. He appeared when she needed money most. After one night stand, she took money and left. When they met again, he had become a commercial magnate while she was just a small manager at a five-star hotel. Under his command, she was forced to become his personal housekeeper and managed his ordinary life. She could not bear it anymore, “I am just a housekeeper, not a barmaid!” The assistant felt wrong and said, “The CEO said if you are unwilling to do so, then teach you a lesson. You want to have a try?" “Come on!”

【CEO Daddy is Super Awesome】
In order to take away her father’s shares, she was framed by her husband and best friend. She was forced to divorce and left the house with nothing. Four years later, she returned with a cute baby. Her precious son stood with his hands akimbo, "Mommy, I heard it’s fashionable to have an adopted father. You wait and see, I'll find one backing you up!" A few days later, her son brought back a super handsome guy who looked exactly like him. “Mommy, don't worry. I've investigated him. Daddy ranked the top of wealthy list. No one dares to mess with him!” He said confidently. Looking at this stunned woman, he coldly tossed the paternity test to her, “Woman, when did you have my child?” She spluttered, “Which bastard screwed me four years ago and didn't take responsibility?!"

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