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Get ready for the most addictive game ever! Feel the joy of safe destruction as you smash into the 3d objects. Collect cubes by maneuvering a black hole around the arena.

This game lets you destroy objects made of cubes and other shapes. Enjoy absorbing lines of cubes and more complicated structures like castles that require careful calculation.

Start with simple objects and patterns, and learn how to absorb them with one precise move!

Things get more complicated when you get to the next level, so be ready! Find your way around rotating objects that can throw you back and toss you to the side. Your hole 3d maneuvers will need to become more precise and sophisticated.

Don’t get upset if you fail to swallow the entire object in one or two moves. Just keep playing! The more you shoot the hole, the better you will master its moves and trajectories, and the sooner you’ll become an ominous black hole that absorbs everything in its path.


• Easy-to-learn controls
• Gameplay with ASMR effect
• Simple and intuitive design
• The cutest hole 3d with both eyes and teeth
• Ability to test awareness, reflex, and precision
• One of the best among picker 3d games


• Touch anywhere on the screen to move the hole and collect cubes
• Follow the clues on the screen
• Maneuver and direct the hole to devour as many objects as possible
• Avoid rotating and moving obstacles
• Collect keys
• Open the chests to get 25 or 35 bonuses
• Earn points by being clever and shrewd
• Get to the next level!

Shooting Hole is a casual io game and is perfect for moments when you need to sit back and relax. Have fun and enjoy the shooting!

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