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Discover Hidden Heroes in your world today! Use your phone's camera and our new Augmented Reality technology to uncover all of the unique heroes eager to join the battle! As you scan everyday objects, you'll discover a collection of heroes to interact with in the real world, each with special powers and personalities that match the object family they were found in! Collect all the heroes and build a winning team to battle the evil Bot Army and save cities around the world.

- DISCOVER: Heroes hide anywhere and everywhere. Scan everyday objects wherever you are with your phone's Augmented Reality camera!
- COLLECT: Increase your collection of Heroes and upgrade them to improve their fighting power!
- LEVEL UP: Search in augmented reality for energy cores hidden inside objects to power-up your heroes; and find secret caches for even more powerful loot!
- BATTLE: Build a fierce team of heroes to help you defend the world against waves of evil bots!
- NEW TECH: You've never seen AR like this before: it's a totally innovative object-based Augmented Reality game!
- MISSIONS: Diversify your team of Sparks and send them off on important missions to help save the world!
- ACHIEVEMENTS: Complete hundreds of different achievements and earn rewards that help you progress faster!

Remember: The more objects you scan in Augmented Reality, the more successful you'll be in battle!

* For the best experience play in a brightly lit space, avoid scanning reflective surfaces and pause for a few seconds while focusing on objects to correctly scan them.
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September 16 2021
August 30 2021