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The English learning system of this APP is designed by teaching and research experts from Columbia University and experienced native English teachers from North America. Within this App, you can listen to spoken English lessons that cover a large variety of topics such as daily life, workplace, and going aboard. We always insist: when learning English, we should be able to understand and speak.

[Capability Assessment]: Free English proficiency test, designed according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), helps you find the best study plan for you.

[Practical Lessons]: You can unlock more than 500 high-quality spoken English lessons that cover more than 100 topics such as workplace and daily life. Each lesson consists of dialogues, vocabulary, example sentences, oral practice, and other learning sections.

[North American Hosts]: The lessons are recorded by North American hosts who are native English speakers. They can answer your questions and teach you authentic English expressions online.

[Spoken English Scores]: This APP will score your spoken English and accurately point out your pronunciation problems. In this way, you will speak English in a perfect accent!

OpenLanguage will accompany you in every step you take in the path to growth.

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March 31 2020