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Meet the fascinating new puzzle! Well, the number puzzle game isn’t entirely new, but we promise, you’re gonna love it! Train your logic and maths skills, outdo yourself on every level!

• Depending on the mode, the numbers are placed differently on the field. Your task is to clear the field by connecting identical numbers (like 1 and 1 or 4 and 4) or the ones that make 10 (like 8 and 2 or 7 and 3).
• You can connect pairs of numbers located in the neighboring horizontal and vertical cells, the ones that have empty cells between pairs, or you can also check the end of one line and the beginning of the next.

The game is simple and has 3 playing modes:
• Static. This mode offers a set of levels with fixed number fields. There is no option to add more numbers, so you’ll need your logic to connect the numbers.
• Classic. In the Classic mode, the numbers appear in the field in an orderly succession. You can play endlessly, when you are out of moves, just tap Add.
• Random. Looks pretty much like Classic, but the numbers you get appear without any particular order, at random. You can play endlessly in this mode as well.

Also, you can choose the JOURNEY and play for a fixed amount of time. It is not so easy-peasy as it may seem. Your goal is to score certain points or clear the field completely. You are free to add new numbers, but if you reach the top of the field, you lose.

• Enjoy Achievements and become a super puzzle-solver!
• Know your Statistics to get better results in the game.
• Don’t despair if you got stuck — there are plenty of hints to manoeuvre better through the game.

Start with Static, try your hands at Classic and Random, or choose Journey if you want something a little bit trickier! It contains a map of levels where each new one opens up only when you pass the previous one. Pass all the levels in the Journey and get the Reward!

Play this puzzle game on-the-go and enjoy the result!
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June 26 2020
June 07 2020
May 30 2020