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Brain Time is a highly addictive tricky puzzle game with tons of challenging brain teasers, matching games, quizzes, memory and logic tests.
You need to spend just a few minutes a day with these brain-training app to upgrade your memory, concentration, and creative thinking.
It’s so easy to play! Once you select a game, you’ll get clear and easy-to-follow instructions, and the right answer will appear after submitting your choice.
Have fun with friends, challenge your mind, boost your IQ, or just kill time!
While easy-to-play, these puzzles can be quite challenging and thrilling as all of them require a sharp brain and a quick finger.

App’s Features That You’ll Love:

• 10+ levels with 100+ tricky brain puzzles. Excellent tune-up for the part that thinks!
• Puzzle games for adults and kids. Perfect for having fun at family & friends gatherings!
• Simple and highly addictive gameplay. Enjoy the beautiful visuals!
• Scientifically-validated tasks. Train core cognitive abilities - working memory, arithmetic reasoning, processing speed - in a simple and funny way!
• Unexpected game answers. You will be surprised with your results!
• It’s free. Endless fun and brain-pushing games without charges!
• Great time filler. Plenty of time wasters here for you to relax and unwind your mind!
• Works offline. Play anywhere, anytime!

Ready to challenge your brain? Download this exciting brain game right now and start your journey to the world of puzzles, riddles, and quizzes! Combine fun with learning, train your memory and logic, and improve your brain's performance. You'll love it!
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