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YouCam Tutorial is designed for beauty brands and makeup artists who wish to leverage the power of AI & AR to pass on the know-how and educate their customers on the newest makeup techniques using their products. Beauty lovers all over the world can learn new skills, gain easy access to expert advice, and purchase all products and tools needed at the tap of a button with YouCam Tutorial.

Advanced yet Easy to Use Makeup Creation Toolkit
• Select from fully customizable face chart – choose face shape (heart shape, round shape, long shape & more), eye shape (almond, round, monolid & more), lip shape (thin, full, wide, narrow & more), and skin tone.

• Create various and highly personalized makeup looks – apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyelashes, blush, lipstick, contour, highlight & more.

• Exclusive Apple Pen support – precise, pressure-sensitive makeup application, allowing for digital blending and layering, resulting in a true-to-life final makeup creation.

• Use professional makeup tools – choose from a wide range of makeup tools and brush options, each specialized in eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and blending application, helps mimic the real-life makeup creation.

Easy to Follow, Step-by-Step Tutorials
• Customers can see the look as it was created step by step on a virtual face chart.

• Interactive live look try on – Each brush stroke is recorded and rendered in a form of stroke-by-stroke animated tutorial that can be viewed with AR overlay directly on customer’s face.

Learn from Anywhere, In-Store and Online
• Each tutorial allows engagement with your customers via in-browser and in-store through a smart mirror

Integrated E-Commerce Capabilities
• Customers can buy all the products and tools that they need to recreate their personalized look at the tap of a button.
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December 17 2021
December 09 2021
November 29 2021