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Ever struggled to find that calling code when dialing international and interstate numbers? This could cause annoying delays at best but may lead to missed deals and appointments.

Lucky, you'll never need to remember another dialing prefix again as the International Dialing Codes Application stores all major Country, State, and City phone prefixes on your iPhone and can be accessed at the touch of a button.

Simply select the Country your calling from, the Country and City your calling to, and input the local telephone number. The Application will calculate the full international phone number automatically and even dial for you (iPhone only)!

This application works both online and offline so you'll never be stuck. The dial codes are also constantly kept up to date so you can be sure where ever you travel, where ever you do business, you can feel rest assured as you'll be a button click away to connecting with your key contacts.

★ Dial Prefix for over 240 Countries and 8000 cities
★ Up to date dial out, dial in, and detailed area codes
★ Free application updates
★ Free area code database updates
★ Beautiful Flags to decorate all major nations
★ Allows international as well as domestic dialing
★ Integrated Dialer
★ Quick Loading & Smooth Graphics
★ Does not require active internet connection
★ Fast reference indexes
★ Support for + automated dial out codes

This is one application international travelers and serious business men & women cannot live without. Never risk leaving for a overseas or interstate trip without the necessary contact numbers again!

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