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Important notice: this app is not compatible with iOS 8.

Social voice recorder from the developer of IM+.
Send your voice notes with one touch to Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, MySpace or email them. Recordings are in MP3 format, so they can be played on any Mac, PC or mobile device.
Let your friends hear your voice!

You may also transfer the recording directly to your computer via WiFi.

Unique feature: Voice Activity Detection. VR+ uses real VAD algorithms to skip silence when recording and ensures human speech detection from noise or other sounds.

VR+ has all necessary features of a business recorder:
- One Touch Record
- One Touch Pause, Resume and Stop Record
- One Touch Playback
- Voice Activity Detection
- Audio Quality Selection: from smallest file size to best sound quality
- Unlimited recording length
- Organize recordings by categories. Intuitive icons for each category make the process easy and pleasant

One Touch Sharing to:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Blogger
- MySpace
- Email (as attachment or URL to the recording)

Recommended by iPhone Application List! Watch video review!
"It is intuitive, simple, yet very functional."

About SHAPE Services
SHAPE Services is a leading mobile software development company. Since 2002 IM+ and other SHAPE's apps became topsellers in different e-shops and app stores worldwide on all major mobile platforms and phone models.
Visit for more details.

See also: IM+, Business Card Reader, iDisplay, WebCamera, RDM+, Mobiscope.
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