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• Try your hand at different blackjack rule sets used around the world in places like Las Vegas (Strip and Downtown), Atlantic City, Reno, Macau, and Monte Carlo! Use the move analysis feature to learn the correct move in any situation and learn up to 22 card counting strategies to hone your skills for a real casino visit.

Blackjack World Pro is the only iOS blackjack simulator to also include side games like 21 + 3, Match the Dealer, Pair Square, Perfect Pair, and more!

AppSmile says: "With beautiful visuals, varied rules, and a bunch of options to customize gameplay, this is one app not to miss…others just do not compare to its great style and integrated card-counting feature."

=== Key Features ===

• 6 casino hotspots painstakingly researched and recreated
• Unique rule sets include Las Vegas Downtown’s single deck face down deal, Macao’s triple 7-7-7 payout, and Monte Carlo’s no dealer hole card
• Learn the mathematically optimal move at any time in any casino
• Build custom casinos with millions of rule combinations
• Side Games like 21+3, Match the Dealer, Perfect Pair, and Royal Match
• Track lifetime statistics
• 22 card counting strategies
• Hint features to improve your play
• Perfect for blackjack novices and experts alike!

=== Locations ===

• Las Vegas Strip
• Las Vegas Downtown
• Atlantic City
• Reno
• Monte Carlo
• Macao
• Build your own!
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