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Amplify the world around you discreetly with iPhone and iPod touch.
* #1 selling hearing app on the App Store.
* Purchased by over 40,000 customers in 55 countries.
* Supports iOS4 multitasking.
* Top 5 medical app.
* Featured by Apple in the "Special Education - Learning for Everyone" category.
* Featured by Apple in the “New & Noteworthy” and “Staff Favorites” categories.

* Included on demo iPhones in Apple Stores nationwide.

* Selected by Apple as the hearing app for Apple's web site.

Sounds are sent to your earbuds in real time. Hear what you’d like to hear. Record what you’d like to record!

Works in many situations, around the table at home, watching TV, in lecture halls, at parties, wherever you’d like to hear, or overhear, the people around you!

We have tuned soundAMP to provide you crystal clear sound at the maximum volume possible. And with its advanced technology, it even reduces volume over the limit.

Simple-to-use controls allow you to tune the sound with the equalizer, adjust background sound levels for each situation, and replay the last 30 seconds.

With soundAMP R, record it all -- capture lectures, presentations, interviews, or even important information relayed at a doctor’s appointment. Bookmark the recording to remember important points! Export recordings to your computer.

soundAMP R supports iOS4 multitasking, so you can listen with soundAMP while checking your email, reviewing your calendar, surfing the web, viewing your photos and performing other tasks. When you start recording and then leave the app, it will keep recording. The new graphics take advantage of iPhone 4 high resolution screen. It’s beautiful!

* Multitasking works on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3rd & 4th generations.
* To achieve highest volume levels when using iOS4, turn off “Volume Limit”. To turn it off, go to Settings, iPod, Volume Limit.
* Works best with wired headsets, headphones & microphones.
* The A2DP stereo Bluetooth profile is *not* supported due to operating system restrictions. Devices that support both HFP and A2DP will default to monaural HFP. Quality varies greatly among HFP devices.
* iPod touch 2nd generation requires a headset with mic.
* soundAMP does not amplify phone calls or music.
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