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Whether you are young or old, you can learn the most closely guarded secrets of magicians!

Does magic fascinate you? Do you dream of amazing your friends and family? You can create magic tricks with the “Magic Tricks GOLD edition” specially designed for iPhone and iPod Touch (full screen videos, audio and text explanations).

Learn to perform 200 magic tricks presented and explained by the magician Hervé Delecroix and become a member of the exclusive circle of magicians and other illusionists.

Magic and humour:
Whatever your level (beginner, novice or advanced), learn new tricks full of humour and jokes, with a complete, interactive, and fun method.

Discover a wealth of tricks from the following themes:

- Basics and techniques
- Card tricks
- Tricks with classic props (scarves, balls, etc.)
- Rope tricks
- Tricks with everyday objects (coffee cups, elastic bands, dice, etc.)
- Tricks to make for yourself
- Comic “magic” tricks

A simple and efficient learning method:

- First see the trick performed as if you were there, and try to uncover the mysteries of a successful trick.
- Then discover the special tricks of the professionals and learn to master the elements of the trick: hand position, techniques for cutting decks, conjuring, deduction, etc.

Methods and advice for successfully performing each trick:

- Listen carefully to the magician’s step-by-step video explanations.
- Read the methods sheets again to memorise the basic steps of each trick.

You can create a “Favourites” list of magic tricks to find them again without having to browse through all the themes.

Exclusive: 1 bonus game


- 200 magic tricks
- “Favourites” menu for a customised selection of tricks
- More than 300 videos for mastering all the tricks.
- Comments and audio explanations
- Explanatory sheets to revise the tricks
- 7 magic trick themes
- Intuitive, specially designed interface
- 1 bonus game

With “Magic Tricks GOLD edition”, you hold all the cards to create a bewitching show for the whole family!

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