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♥ WORD SOLITAIRE is the most loved word game on the App Store! But don't just take our word for it - check out the reviews to see how much 'word nerds' love Word Solitaire!

"Word Solitaire is the perfect game for lovers of either card games or word games. And it somehow is even beyond perfect for people who like both." - AppVersity

Word Solitaire puts a brilliant new spin on a classic favorite. The clever blend of word creation and traditional solitaire will hook you immediately!

Drag letters onto each other to arrange them into words. Flip over cards to expose more letters and complete the level by using all provided letters in the creation of words. The longer your words, the higher your score!

♥ 35 beautiful levels, each with a high-resolution classical art background
♥ Intelligent decks that increase difficulty slightly with each level
♥ Global high scores
♥ Customizable color themes
♥ Complete Twitter integration
♥ Millions of letter arrangements; no two games are ever the same
♥ AutoSave – pick up your game where you left off, anytime

~ More Critic Reviews ~

"With its thought-provoking gameplay, artwork-infused backdrops, and simple rules, this pick-up-and-play title has quickly risen to the top of our favorite games list." - AppSmile

"A stroke of genius...a no-brainer for word game fans." - iPhone-Roundup

"9 out of 10" - PocketFullOfApps

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