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Words Of Wisdom For Women Who Do Too Much Cards by Anne Wilson Schaef helps busy women return to a state of peace and relaxation — offering a continual reminder that life does not have to be rushed and hectic.

This app contains 50 inspiration cards filled with wisdom, humor, and tenderness, created specifically for women on-the-go. Use these cards not only for daily support, but also to contribute to your spiritual, emotional, and physical growth.

Begin Your Journey:
- Experience 50 inspirational cards by Anne Wilson Schaef
- Swipe between cards or shuffle them
- View all cards “face up” or “face down” while choosing
- Flip cards over to read Anne’s personal messages
- Share inspiring messages with friends
- Save cards to your Photo Library and use as wallpaper

About the Author –
Anne Wilsom Schaef is a bestselling author and lecturer who has helped millions of people attain a healthy measure of calm in today's chaotic world. She is a lecturer, organizational consultant, former psychotherapist, and workshop leader who trains health care professionals throughout the world in Living Process Facilitation. She is the best-selling author of Meditiations for Women Who Do To Much.

Official Hay House licensed app:®
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