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With Quit Pro, quitting suddenly becomes fun. You have no excuses not to try it !!

Do you feel like quitting smoking is just too difficult ?
Have you tried about every single approach that you could think of ?
Acupuncture, medication, patches, hypnosis, etc... simply did not work for you?

Quit Pro is a brand new approach to help you quit smoking. Quit Pro helps you monitor your progress, understand when, why and where you smoke, as well as read motivation quotes to help you quit smoking.


A. Track every cigarette you smoke or resist:

● Quit Pro helps you track all your cigarettes as well as your cravings
● Identify the moments of a day or week when the temptation is at its peak
● Identify the triggers (more than 20 moods and situations) which make you want to smoke the most
● Identify the places where you smoke the most

B. Monitor your progress and share it with your friends:

● how long you've been a non-smoker
● how much money you have saved
● how many cigarettes you have smoked or resisted since you decided to quit or cut down your smoking
● check the benefits on your health and your life expectancy.

C. Read up to 170 motivation quotes from various health organizations
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