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Lowest prices at your fingertips! Take a photo of any printed barcode, and Barcode Reader will show you the lowest possible prices in local (US only) and online stores.

The first and only barcode scanning app for iPad 2 (it works for iPhone of course too!)

★ Efficient and convenient, Barcode Reader will help you to save some money and to find bargains for the products you are shopping for. ★

★ Scans better then other similar apps. Recognizes almost every barcode. Very quick.★
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Use Barcode Reader to compare prices, find more details about scanned product, save or e–mail search results for your future shopping. Barcode Reader searches eBay, Amazon, Google Product Search and number of other price comparison services and stores.

Read more about a product on a seller's website in a built-in browser without leaving the Barcode Reader app.

The app uses user's location to find product prices in nearby shops.

Want your parents or friends to buy you something? Send them a wish list!

Supports UPC, EAN-13 and EAN-8 (almost all commercial barcodes).

Full list of supported networks:
✓ - global and local search
✓ - book search in local libraries
✓ - local search
✓ - global search
✓ Google Product Search - global search
✓ - global search
✓ - global search

=== Compatibility Notes ===
No special equipment is required for using the app on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPad 2. Barcode capture with camera works on iOS 4.0 and later, on iPhone OS 3.x all barcodes are entered manually.
If you are using iPhone 3G, you may need additional gadgets, such as Griffin Clarifi, to improve photo quality.

See other apps: IM+, Business Card Reader, RDM+, iDisplay.

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