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Welcome to Cosmo's to-go version of the Kama Sutra! Whether you're looking for inspiration for a sexy rendevous later tonight or just want to brush up on how to make some classic moves even better, you'll love this collection of sex positions.

If you're like most people, you have certain positions in your sexual repertoire that you return to because you enjoy them and can count on them to bring you maximum pleasure. But that can leave you in a romp rut. A truly satisfying sex life calls for some experimentation and for being adventurous within the parameters of what's comfortable for you as an individual and as a couple.

Within this application, you'll discover intriguing positions like the Figure Eight and G-Spot Jiggy, which were designed for maximum female pleasure in mind. A position like Romp With a View is great for the guy because it offers him plenty of visual stimulation. By using the muscles you didn't even know you had, the Rock-a-Bye Booty will drive you both wild. As you embark on your erotic journey, you'll discover that the differences between the positions can introduce brand new sensations.

Carnal Challenge Rating: The more flames a position has, the higher the difficulty!!

Erotic Instructions: Your step-by-step guide for how to execute the position

Why You'll Love It: Hints to help you make the most of the position and what to look forward to

Colorful Illustration: Tasteful visual that helps you understand what the position should look like

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