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The successful Anno series now continues on your Iphone. Control the harbors of the great metropolises of the successful PC game Anno 1404 – awarded as “Best German game 2009” (German Game Developer Award). Prove yourself in this new, thrilling time management game and become a successful harbor master in ANNO – The Harbor! Develop your skills as a harbor master and manage the incoming and outgoing ships and goods to meet the trader’s requirements. The more effectively you handle the arriving ships and the faster you serve the traders the more you will be rewarded. As you advance and become more successful you can unlock up to 4 different harbors - the Occident, Orient, Corsair or Venetian harbor. Encounter up to 8 different traders with their ships – from the touchy Venetian to the calm salesman. Earn enough money and become the ANNO harbor master! Features:
• 4 different Harbors: Occident, Orient, Corsair and Venice that are upgraded during the game.
• 8 different Traders with their ship fleet from a touchy Venetian to the Relaxed Salesman
• 2 Game Modes: Story and Endless
• Story with 36 Missions
• Earn 16 achievements
• Local Highscore for each map
• Listen to your own music while playing
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