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Did you know that Smule's karaoke app Sing! Karaoke has more songs (Glee and non-Glee), more social features, and more singers from all over the world? Download Sing! Karaoke today!


The #1 music app in 21 countries, Glee Karaoke makes you sound like a star. Sing your heart out to songs from the hit TV show while a little magic helps you sound amazing.

"Of all the apps I tried, Glee Karaoke [was] the most fun...[it] is a brilliantly executed karaoke assistant and global jam." - Bob Tedeschi, NY Times

"The thrill begins once you start singing into this app. You cannot sound bad. Period." – David Pogue, NY Times

•Your voice is enhanced with pitch correction, optional harmonies and a little reverb, so you’ll always sound great. Starbursts and colorful guides show you how well you are singing, so you can improve as you go.
•Over 150 songs for sale in the app. New songs added all the time!
•Try out new songs! Sing along with free preview clips to try out select songs each week.
•Sing along for FREE to any song in your iTunes library.

•Make new friends and support other singers. Explore endless performances on the Globe and listen to singers from all over the world. Leave them helpful comments.
•Join another singer’s song on the Globe and add your voice to theirs for free. Make it a duet! Another great way to try out songs for free.
•Broadcast your performances on your very own radio tower, right from inside the app. And don’t forget to include your friends! Easily share your songs on Facebook, Twitter and through e-mail.

•Ready to take on the world? Share your best performances and compete with fellow users around the world to collect the most starbursts.
•Complete fun missions to level-up and earn starbursts faster than ever. Leveling up also earns you free tokens to use toward buying songs.
•Submit your best performance for the weekly contest song. Two winners are chosen daily and earn free songs!


Praise for the Glee Karaoke App:

“If you are a fan of Glee or singing in general, this is an app I can 1000% recommend. It’s fun, it’s inventive and it’s just Gleetastic!” – Christina, Mashable

“For those who don’t have the pitch-perfect pipes of say, Rachel and Kurt, the application will adjust the pitch of the singers’ voice. In addition, the software will automatically harmonize the singer’s voice, creating an effect that sounds as if three-people are performing together.” – New York Times

“Users can create their own Glee clubs to record a song with multiple friends from around the world, all singing the same song.” – Billboard Magazine

“Whoa. Actually, I'm listening to four people singing versions of this at once. I don't think this is happening live, but that each person has layered their own singing over the track. Too cool.” – Gizmodo


All music available in the App is specially mastered and arranged. The unique pitch correction software in Glee was developed by Smule for Glee.

For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (iPod Touch 2nd gen and later required). External mic needed on iPod touch and 1st gen 2G iPhone.

Connect with Smule on Facebook at to meet other Gleeks, request songs, get your performance featured, and more!

Questions? Write or find us on Twitter (@smule).

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