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Angelology – a Try-before-you-buy Penguin ebook

Move over vampires, step aside freemasons – 2010 is the year to decide whether you are on the side of the angels…

'A clever fast-paced thriller ... a pleasure from start to finish' Kate Mosse, bestselling author of Labyrinth

When Sister Evangeline finds mysterious correspondence between Mother Innocenta of the Saint Rose Convent and legendary philanthropist Abigail Rockefeller, it confirms Angels walked among us – and their descendants, the cruel Nephilim, still do.

Indeed, the Nephilim are hunting for artefacts concealed by Abigail Rockefeller during the Second World War - objects that will ultimately allow them to enslave mankind - and have so far been prevented from reaching their apocalyptic goal by one, clandestine organisation: The Angelology Society.

And if the Angelologists are to stand any chance of winning this new battle in the ages-old war, they must find the artefacts first. But their fate rests in the hands of innocent Sister Evangeline, who holds the key to unlocking Abigail Rockefeller’s hiding places … and whose own destiny may yet find her prey to the terrifying Nephilim army, with horrifying consequences for humanity.

Angelology moves with electrifying sweep from war-torn Paris to twentieth-century New York, as the greatest conspiracy theory of them all is finally brought to light.

Danielle Trussoni is the author of the memoir Falling Through the Earth, which was chosen by the New York Times as one of the ten best books of 2006. She currently lives in France with her husband, the writer Nikolai Grozni, and their children.


App features

Try the first three chapters absolutely free then purchase and download the complete book directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch (requires network or wifi connection for in-app purchase)

Features natural page turn and automatic bookmarking
Fully customizable type size, font and justification
Highlight and bookmark features
Full text search functionality


Compatible with iPhone or iPod Touch
Requires iPhone 3.0 or later
3G or wireless connection required for in-app purchase of complete book
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