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Dispatcher lets you quickly send messages to alphanumeric pagers and cell phones which can accept text via email.

Dispatcher was designed for a hospital ER waiting room. In the ER, patients are given a labeled text pager while they are waiting, and that pager is noted on their chart. Physicians in the ER then use Dispatcher to send prewritten messages with private updates and instructions to their patients, directly from their own iPhone or iPod Touch.

• Write, save, and edit any number of prewritten messages

 • Group messages however you desire, in groups you define

• Messages with the placeholder text "xxx" allow immediate substitution for sending; for example, "Please meet me in Room 5 in XXX minutes" will prompt you for the number of minutes before sending

• Supports any number of pagers and cell phones; the devices just need to be able to receive messages via an email to their phone number/carrier, e.g. The device's standard rates, if applicable, for receiving messages will apply.

Besides use in a waiting room setting, Dispatcher is perfect for any common or repetitive messaging task. If you page or message team members with meeting times or request the same information from certain colleagues on a regular basis, you'll love the time Dispatcher can save you.
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