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All the essential Australian weather information you need in the palm of your hand - presented quickly, clearly and elegantly, and sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology.

* Forecasts & Warnings - so you know what to expect
* Current Weather - so you know what is happening now
* Recent Weather - so you know how we got here
* Animated Radar - so you know where it is raining, and whether it is heading your way
* Advanced Features - local, state and national maps, weather history graphs, satellite, synoptics, radar, rainfall forecasts and more...

This application provides frequently updated weather forecasts, observations and radar loops from official Australian Bureau of Meteorology sources.

The weather information it provides is the highest quality available (ie. from official government sources), is kept optimally up-to-date, and is delivered in an attractive, clear format, making it easy and enjoyable to use.

Forecasts of up to 7 days are available for all officially available forecast cities/locations, and local observations of current temperature, humidity, wind and rainfall are typically updated at least once every 10 minutes (less often for smaller locations). If you are interested in capital city weather, you will often see actual official measurements only minutes after they are taken. Also, this application shows you exactly how long ago the observations were made - no need to wonder whether the temperature and rainfall observations you are seeing were taken hours ago.

More than 250 Australian towns and city forecast locations are available in this application, and the user can compile a short-list of favourite cities for quickest possible viewing. Each forecast location includes up to 6 nearest official observation locations, accessible by side-scrolling action.

About 50 different radars around mainland Australia have been included. The radar view also has a "Locate Me" feature which queries the device's GPS and then centres the radar map on your current location along with an animated crosshair cursor. So no need to lose your location within a heavy rain band.

Radar data delivery has been carefully optimised to arrive quickly on your device. Often you will find that the radar loop is already loaded and running as soon as you switch to the radar view for your selected city. And each radar image shown is identified with a label showing exactly how many minutes ago it was scanned - a significant improvement over other applications that only show you the image times in GMT timezone.

This application was created by an Australian software developer with a BSc and PhD in meteorology and oceanography, and a passion for helping people via technology.

Your feedback is welcomed, and the application includes an email link on its information screen for that purpose.

- This application contains weather data *only* for Australian places. It is offered to overseas users only for those who want to keep an eye on Australian weather.
- Forecasts for regional locations for which BOM does not supply 7 day official forecasts have been extended with BOM computer modelling data. This is not as reliable as human-generated forecasts, but can still provide useful guidance about temperature and rainfall trends for those locations where this is not available from BOM published forecasts.

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