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Discover Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms™

Free as long as you want : Play for free
Build your Legend : Settle new towns and fight against thousands of players The first Might & Magic MMO : Select your faction and decide the world of Ashan destiny

What is this game?
* Manage your wealth and flourish your Kingdom; govern your heroes, decide their careers and reign on your powerful cities
* Each order needs some time to be carried out (few minutes, hours or days)
* You don't need to stay connected while your Heroes are accomplishing your orders and your cities are building new edifices

What are my first actions ?
* Hire heroes and free the mines around your city
* Upgrade your mines in order to improve your incomes
* Add new buildings to your city to gather more powerful troops and get access to more options

What can I expect from the long term
* Conquer new territory and fight on epic battles
* Create or join an alliance
* Buy, sell and share resources on the market
* Control the world of Ashan and build the Dynasty of your heroes

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