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• Children's Tales is an educational app which contains movies, picture books, stories and comics for kids from 0 to 12 years old.
• With carefully selected, values-based educational books and movies created by parents and teachers for the family and school.
• A good tool for sharing a wonderful time with your kids!
• The app gives you free access to complete books and movies.

How Children's Tales users use the app
• At home! Use Children’s Tales picture books for your children’s bedtimes.
• On a trip! Children’s Tales stories are a good tool to help your kids enjoy your commutes.
• At school! Parents and teachers can use Children’s Tales movies at school.
• In the car! Your kid will have fun trips with the family by playing Children’s Tales movies.

Children's Tales Features
• The app allows you to read the picture books and watch the movies offline that you have downloaded before. Enjoy them on your commutes and journeys!
• All books and movies can be previewed for free and bought within the app, with the in-app purchase Apple system.
• App and contents in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Catalan. Some titles are available in Portuguese.
• Children's Tales is a free universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
• All contents you buy in one device can be used in other devices with the same Apple ID. Just restore the purchases on each one.

Watching the movies
The “First habits for toddlers” movie series is the bestseller for your toddler.
- Time to eat!
- Time to sleep!
- We get dressed!
- At the doctor!
These titles contain 39 short movies to help your preschool children to improve their habits. For toddlers who are beginning to ask questions. For parents who enjoy speaking with them.

The “Learn to love your world” movie series is the bestseller for kids from 4 years old.
- Pollution without borders
- The journey of a drop of water
- My friends the trees
- The great sea
The titles contain 26 movies for all boys and girls who want to learn more about the environment, the animals and to love and respect nature.

Reading the books
Our lives are very busy but reading aloud with your kids brings us together and strengthens our family relationships. Children's Tales will help you to do it and will increase children’s love of reading.

Don't miss The Three Little Pigs, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Tin Soldier or The Princess and the Pea. More than 40 titles published!

Children's Tales gets children talk about what they’ve read. The stories and pictures have been carefully chosen to let you introduce and discuss the main points of the story, the characters’ behaviour, their values and their hopes and aspirations.

“The richness of these stories helps me to introduce my son to see the world from different perspectives. We comment on the actions of the characters crossing racial and cultural differences. I strongly recommend this app!” – Kevin, USA

"These books and movies stimulate our child’s imaginative world, while reinforcing the value of their own creativity. Good for education!" - Maurice, FRANCE

"A good selections of titles, with a focus on good values that we can work on as a family educating our kids. Congratulations and publish more titles soon, please!" - Giovannino, ITALY

"A good way of encouraging kids to become readers. The Grimm stories are excellent." – Andrés, MEXICO

Please note that since we cannot reply on the App Store, email us if you need any assistance.
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