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• Learn and play with everybody’s favourite twins!
• The perfect app for all children starting school.
• Six games to complete.
• Create your own avatar and see yourself in the story!
• Follow Topsy and Tim on TV.


• Fun and interactive games: sorting pairs, completing jigsaws, memory games and dancing along with Topsy and Tim
• Name your own school!
• Pack your own school bag.
• Listen to a narrated excerpt of Topsy and Tim’s first day at school.
• Builds children’s confidence as they familiarize themselves with the school routine.
• Develops children’s educational skills.
• Learn about shape sorting, colour matching, logic and deduction, and observation and memory skills.
• Brought to you by Ladybird – for every age and every stage of your child’s development.

Topsy and Tim were created in 1959 by husband and wife team Jean and Gareth Adamson. Together they created a modern series in keeping with the predominant mood of the early 60s - fresh and bright, with a contemporary feel - that showed children in situations they would actually experience. Now a grandmother, Jean continues to sketch and her work was recently recognized in the form of an MBE for services to children’s literature.

Over 130 Topsy and Tim titles have been published in many different formats. With sales of more than 21 million copies in its lifetime, this household brand continues to grab its audience generation after generation.

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