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Discover a whole new cooking experience with the new Petit Larousse Pâtissier for iPad

An outstanding and award-winning book – World Cookbook Awards – Special Award of the Jury

Simply take a look, let yourself be seduced by the photos, and choose your recipe ! It’s easy – the pages are turned with just one click !

• 200 beautifully illustrated recipes to rediscover all those old-favourites…and to discover for the first time the ones that you have always wanted to try out !
• Over 30 base recipes : puff pastry, meringues, chocolate icing… All explained step by step with accompanying photos.
• You can search for recipes using the contents page, according to preparation time, or key words through our simple search facility.
• The text will automatically enlarge with just one click
• The possibility of full screen view in order to gobble up all the recipes with your greedy eyes !
• A number of navigation functions : click, overview etc
• Videos and tips from a professional chef.

A book open to contributions from all iPad users
• Recipes are even better when we personalise them ! And they’re made to be shared ! Therefore, each recipe can be annotated. You then have the possibility of sharing your comments by making them visible to everyone else who uses this application.
• Take a photo of your finished dessert and share it with all other Petit Larousse Pâtissier users – it is a joint effort available to all iPad users.

You only have 15 mins ? Search for recipes according to preparation time !

You’ve been given a kilo of apples ? Select « apples » and there you have it ! 10 recipes available !

Apple crumble ? Cool – there’s a video ! A chef explains the whole thing in less than 3 minutes !

My crumble has been a success ! I added apricots… let’s see how it tastes…delicious ! I make a note of it in the comments section, which I choose to share with all users.

Also, I took a photo and made it available for everyone to see ! It’s my own personal crumble victory !
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