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Best-selling application in Netherlands, France and Belgium

Navmii - professional GPS navigation software, with turn-by-turn directions, voice guidance, auto-rerouting, live Google and Microsoft Bing Search, for the iPad. The best GPS navigation software for the iPad at an incredible price!

No monthly fees or annual charges. Maps are stored on your iPad so you can navigate without a data connection. PERFECT SOLUTION FOR TRAVELLING ABROAD

An Industry First – Navmii has teamed up with map provider AND to provide you with full GPS navigation at the best price in the industry.

“Navmii, it does so much for so little” - STUFF MAGAZINE - APP OF THE WEEK - 24th NOV 2009
“Navmii has squeezed itself into a crowded market with ease” - SMARTPHONE & PDA ESSENTIALS
“It's a bargain, considering what you get” - MICROMART - 9 / 10
“Excellent product, I'm on the road 24/7 and this sat nav is just as good as the other major providers” - USER REVIEW

• Google and Microsoft Bing Local search: a superb addition to built-in POI database. Find millions of shops, cafes, restaurant and hotels wherever you are and navigate directly to there*.
• Searching and navigating to city centres, street names and numbers, crossings, favourite places, recent locations, nearby POIs from local database or Google/Bing internet search. Call found places directly from Navmii.
• Background music play: listen to your favourite songs while navigating with Navmii. Music volume will be faded out while giving you a driving instruction.
• Designed for ease of use, no need for lengthy manuals.
• Complete mobile navigation - the same experience as your PND on your mobile device.
• Designed to give accurate route prompts right in time. We don’t like navigation systems that talk too much and disturb you from driving or discussing the day with your kids... for your safety and pleasure.
• You can always browse maps and get more information about any street or POI. It also enables you to route instantly by holding down any point on the map display and clicking 'route'. Great when you don't have the full address of where you are trying to get to.
• Navmii features one of the best map rendering engines on the market. This means you get clear, easy-to-read maps with easy-to-read street names, route numbers and POI icons.
• Navmii Safety camera database is updated weekly. Accurate and intelligent warnings allow you to enjoy safe driving. You can choose between audio or visual warnings or have both.
• Landscape or portrait orientation support.
• Multi-touch capability: for scrolling through menus or zoom in and out on a map. Traditional map zooming is supported as well.
• Instant route re-calculation if you miss a turn.
• Simplified view for safer driving at higher speeds: displays the next turn, street name, route number and speed limit to let you concentrate on driving.
• Automatic day/night mode: maps are automatically switched to low glare maps for safer night driving.

Voice instructions and user interface language included: English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Swedish, Danish

User Manual, and more information, is available at
For the latest FAQ's and customer support please visit our customer forums at or email to

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*Core functionality including Address Search, Route Calculation and Navigation, POI search, Map Browsing do not require data connection. Internet connection is required for Google and Microsoft Bing Search only, which can be switched off not affecting application functionality

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