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Terra is the fast web browser with tabs, full screen and other functions. It's better than Safari and has unbelievable price - it's FREE!

Terra has everything you missed in Safari: full screen browsing, text search and ability to save web pages for offline reading. All that you want is here.

What makes Terra better than Safari:

+ Offline reading
Save web pages as PDF or HTM to read them later.

+ Full Screen Browsing
Take advantage of the 100% of the iPad screen. Hide toolbars and tabs with one tap.

+ Text Search
Easily find a word on the web page. Great for long Wikipedia articles.

+ Swipe gestures
Use swipe gestures for easy navigation while surfing the Internet.

What else Terra lets you do:

- Bookmark Favorite Web Pages
You can add your favorite web pages to the bookmarks. Open a new tab and quickly navigate to any preferred web site.

- Manage Bookmarks
Terra excels bookmark management. Add bookmarks, create multiple nested folders

- Turn on Desktop Browsing
You can set Terra to pretend IE 6, Desktop Safari or Firefox to browse desktop versions of the web sites.

- Stay Private
When private mode is turned on, your browsing history and cookies are not saved.

- Send links by email
Share interesting web pages with friends and colleagues.

- Save images
Tap and hold on the image to save it, exactly like in Safari.

Feel free to contact us If you have any suggestions, questions or issues at

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